Jace M

Jace M

Jace’s passion and talent for music has established him as one of the world’s favorite DJs.

Originally from Washington, DC, Jace M began his DJ journey in 2002. While attending university, Jace took advantage of his free time to learn how to DJ. By 2005, Jace had landed a residency at Necto Nightclub, the largest Gay Nightclub in the Detroit Area.

In addition to being an accomplished DJ, using his club life experience, Jace produces and promotes the largest gay events in Detroit under the name Thots & Prayers. With six different event brands under his belt, his accomplishments continue to expand.

Jace also spends time in the studio as well and recently released a single with singer Joey Diamond. He’s also released numerous other remixes where he’s collaborated with people like Joe Gautreaux, Mauro Mozart, and his frequent production buddy, Toy Armada.

Jace's White Party 2023 Official Promo Set on Soundcloud


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